1. The Invention

The problem to be solved:

Improve all-previous inventions, redirecting the whole diffuser philosophy: from absorptive to clean diffusing, simultaneously being only a low frequency self-adaptive - variable low frequency resonator.


Acoustical diffuser device, comprising the main body and two lateral rigid supports, glued to the inside of the diffuser which lateral supports are received, like a drawer, by two wooden rails.


Mounted in two new different ways, its compartmented volumes behind the diffuser surface works like a complex Helmholtz resonator.


This diffuser may be used in any kind of room and geometry where the critical listening is needed such live or recorded music, home cinema and music teaching, etc


Working simultaneously in two ways: as a clean diffuser for mid and high frequencies and as a self controlled absorber, below 250 Hz, for low frequencies.

Stage of development:

Commercial Product - Direct sales

Documentation available:

All technical details, applications photos and acoustical measurements are available.

Important note: The documents considered to be relevant for this invention- the Roundffusor1, were all in the ''A'' category [document defining the general state of the art which is not considered to be of particular relevance]. There are 3 older patents [1939,1957,1983 , with indications, where appropriate, of the relevant passages, also, not considered to be of particular relevance ] and a sole paper to be open from here. This indicate the almost absolute originality of our invention. The paper is an indication of our predictions that the Roundffusor1 may be used and as Music hallís ceiling stage reflector or generally in Music Halls because is the most efficient diffuser on the market, his diffused field being easily perceived at more than 12 meters from any angle.

2. The inventor(s)

Name:   ZAINEA Liviu Nikolae

  * Self introduction:   Mechanical engineer, Acoustical consultant, Member of Acoustical Society of America, Member of Hellenic Institute of Acoustics
  * Owner of the invention:   The inventor.

3. The protection
  * Form:   Patent granted (Greece - Nr. 1004186), and International (PCT) patents pending.
  * Priority:   May 21, 2002
  * Countries where it is in force:   Greece

4. Business intention:
    Selling the patent, licensing, cooperation, worldwide distribution.  

5. Contact
  * Name:   Mr. Liviu Nikolae ZAINEA
  * E-mail:   mailto:liviu@zainea.com
  * Fax:  + 30 210 - 2027191
  * Tel.:  + 30 210 - 2027191
  * Mobile:  693 66 07 321
  * Address:    ESR , 14 Peresiadou Street , Athens - TK11141 , Greece

6. First published:  
17 June, 2003

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