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The acoustical device practically solving all problems

Demanding minimum wall surface coverings with maximum results

Considered art deco to suit your own taste


Roundffusor1' Direct Buy - the simpler way for your dreamed sound
Roundffusor1's : e

The R1 brings in musical harmony your recordings

with your room and your brain

R1 is an active gain and clean sound diffuser (180 - 250Hz to 20.000 Hz)


 adaptable low frequency absorber (5 Hz to 250 Hz)

We can tune your existent room to subtle musical requirements

Quite simply...the World's best complete sound device


ms and conditions

If you want to be the official distributor of ESR /Roundffusor1  in your country or acquiring a local production license or buying the patents rights, please send me some information about your company to the email

R1 is protected by the United States Patent Nr.: 7261182 and the European Patent Nr.: 1506541

Product Name


Ready for delivery


Standard Color


Prices - in Euro

  International Distributors
The R1 is produced from hard impact 5 mm thick Polystyrene
white color
White, Beige, Blue, Bordeaux, or any basic color. Same price for any basic color.
On demand, may be delivered in velvet like coverings, artistically painted or industrially painted. More at Finishes
85 Euro / unit
Plus Customs and transport
23% VAT and transport for Greece
We are searching


Parts & Accessories
Roundffusor1 units per carton box : 3
Wood Drivers supports per package : 4
Color Prospectus - from site
Detailed Mounting Instructions & photos - from site
R1's standard unit  weight: 2 Kg, wood drivers included. Dimensions: 58x58x11cm 
Shipping weight  for 3 R1 standard model per package: 9 Kg 
Package's hard carton box external dimensions:
 60 x 60 x 34 cm
Minimum items to be ordered : 9

Custom colors: Available only in Packs of 50 R1's units or more


  CE - Declaration of conformity



When you are acquiring our Roundffusor1 the specific acoustical study is free of charge

Important customer information All orders must be fully prepaid

The price does not include : transport price, Greek 23% VAT & Custom taxes (where applicable).

These may be changed without notice by ESR. The products are shipped to the manufacturer's original packaging, accessories, instruction booklet in English. When you choose our own fright forwarders and If the receipt of your order is any damage or small anomaly in the packaging of one or all of the 3 Roundffuser1 per carton box that has occurred during transportation, please specify in writing with your signature on the waybill of delivery. A picture of each of the damaged R1 is required.
Is very important to communicate with us by email or by telephone within 24 hours of receiving the shipment to proceed with the replacement. If the customer violates this policy, ESR will not make the claim of comprehensive insurance from the shipment and shall not be held responsible for damage in shipping. 
For any questions, please consult email.

In many cases, I propose to customers to choose their own freight forwarder in order to control the transport fees. In this situation the transport responsibility is fully yours.  For each order, I inspect personally that the all ordered R1 are packaged in pristine condition.

Privacy policy

ESR is committed to maintaining the privacy of users of its website. Any information we receive about you is used solely to improve our services and to make easier and appropriate content and services of the website.
We can use such information, with your permission, to contact you and tell you about the latest updates on our site or for other marketing issues. ESR never shared information obtained on its website with any other organization and not what is going to do in the future, unless required by existing legislation. Nor sell information provided by the client to ESR through our website.

Terms and Conditions

Acceptance and payment of the order: After you place your order, you will receive an email with the invoice and details of our bank account. Upon receipt of your transfer will start sending your order.

Shipping: Ask us the shipping costs when you choose our freight forwarder collaborators. This price does not include the re-expedition. Shipping worldwide.

Delivery of goods: Unless otherwise indicated
*, the delivery time of orders is between 1 and 25 days depending on the availability of the products.

* In case you order the standard Roundffusor1 white color the shipping occurs within one week from your prepayment.

Orders might be also delivered by the various International carriers express ( DHL, UPS or others) in the delivery address specified by the customer and the person who has been fixed as the recipient of the same.
These data will be entered in the delivery order of the transport company, which also indicate the number of packages shipment, the total weight and order number.


Company data

Mr. Zainea Liviu Nikolae / ESR,  14 Peresiadou street,  TK 11141,  Athens,  Greece

VAT : EL028477254

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Tel/Fax: 0030 210 20 27 191     Mobile: 0030 693 66 07 321  


Skype: zainea.liviu


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