The Roundffusor1 is now an US PATENT NR.7261182 

What is the Roundffusor1 or R1?

The Roundffusor1 is the world's most efficient acoustical diffuser and self adaptable low frequency absorber. Self adaptable means that our device filters, from case to case, the undesirable room responses and lets your preferred music sound as it was recorded.

Where to use the R1?

The R1 may be used in any High-End or music dedicated room, home cinema, recording and rehearsal studios, schools of music, music halls and big multi channels sound cinema halls, Radio and TV studios and churches.

Don't forget: the sound quality that you may perceive in any room from a sound installation is more or less 60% (worst case scenario) to 40% (best case scenario) Real Room Acoustics and 40% to 60% Sound System dependent.

Simple, but not simplistic, explanations

One way that our Roundffusor1 treats and solves all room acoustic problems is just this: being an adaptable low and very low frequency absorber - the simple masking and dynamic masking phenomena that exist because of low frequency overloads are reduced so much so that are not being perceived by the human ear. The same object, the Roundffusor1, with a minimum area (58x58cm) and only 11cm depth is simultaneously a powerful wide band diffuser that solves the difficult problems of room standing waves creating a diffuse sound field where no sound detail can be hidden from the listener. It sounds simple but in fact, from a theoretical point of view is so complicated that the actual theoretical background level is not enough to fully explain the Roundffusor1 functions. Research is done by the patent holder mostly in the psychoacoustical domain, because there lays the key to its behavior and perhaps the answer.

Until now, even with the f MRI [magnetic tomography - collateral research and interpretation of work done by other researchers] we were not able to find much more. The question that you must ask yourselves is the following: What is more important, to have a real device that works independent from the theory or to obey the ''absolute'' theory which at the moment is not practically applicable in so many ways?

The Roundffusor1 is patented and its design and function are indeed original. The native Romanian designer, Zainea Liviu, who has been living in the last 24 years in Greece, was influenced in its design by the purity and simplicity of ancient Greek art. It is a known fact, as archaeology unveiled the past, that ancient Greeks used no absorptive materials in their theatres, just hard materials and ingenuity, and we all know the great acoustics the ancient Greek theatres posses. Through critical measurements, we can provide any interested party, we can show that the R1's plastic body doesn't vibrate, therefore it doesn't produce second generation sound harmonics.


Also we can show that the cavity from the R1's back Helmholtz resonator is having a double role -adaptable for low and very low frequencies up to 181 Hz and beyond this, while the mid and high frequencies are drastically damped [only from the R1's inside] about 10 to 25 dB. This explains the dramatically perceived and, most important, measurable RT60'S reduction in empty rooms containing only the R1 which negate the need for further acoustic treatment, reducing the costs of building a "perfect" acoustical studio environment drastically. The front R1's surface , don't forget, is producing the clean diffused field like no other device in the market today, enhancing the room's loudness field by a factor of 1,5 -2 dB. This is a paradox, but don't forget that in this life and universe, the good luck or randomness plays a constructive role, name it evolution, sometimes, as in the Roundffusor1's case were a design progression of interrelated phenomena evolved in this patent. Or, if you prefer, stay put in the past...  


All the above make the Roundffusor1 a unique acoustic tool that you must not pass by because the device is not yet world known. The time for that is coming soon!


Contact us and with a minimum order of only nine pieces for small rooms and fifteen pieces for larger rooms you can also experience the Roundffusor1 effectiveness.

It's as simple as that! Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We are that certain that our invention works perfectly.

Company address: Mr. Zainea Liviu / ESR, 14 Peresiadou st, TK 11141, Athens, Greece

Tel/Fax: 0030 210 20 27 191 Mobile: 0030 693 66 07 321 (Zainea Liviu)


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ROUNDFFUSOR1- standard / portable

The R1 is made from hard impact 5 mm Polystyrene



white color

  White, Beige, Blue, Bordeaux, or any basic color.

On demand, may be delivered in Bordeaux or blue velvet like coverings, or even artistically painted.

  One unit R1 Standard: 85

One unit R1 Portable: 100


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Parts & Accessories  

Roundffusor1 units per carton box : 3


Wood Drivers supports per Package : 4


Color Prospectus : Yes


Detailed Mounting Instructions + photos

R1's standard unit  weight: 2 Kg, wood drivers included. Dimensions: 58x58x11cm    Shipping weight standard model per package: ~9 Kg.    Package's hard carton box external dimensions:

60 x 60 x 34 cm

  Minimum Items to be ordered : 9  

Custom colors : Available only in Packs of 50 Units or more

R1's portable unit  weight: ~3 Kg, wood drivers included. Dimensions: 58x58x11,5cm   Shipping weight portable model per package: ~12 Kg.   Package's hard carton box external dimensions:

60 x 60 x 34 cm

  Minimum Items to be ordered : 9  



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