Acoustics is "the branch of physics dealing with sound and the qualities of a room, etc. that determine how clearly sounds can be heard in it." 

  Acoustical is "having to do with hearing or acoustics."  Therefore, since all materials in a room affect that room's acoustics, less materials with multiple functions, is better. This is a new concept. When the sound sources are relative close to the listener, a very efficient diffusing surface is needed. Regarding the low frequencies, as the rooms are smaller they have more problems. To solve ALL  this problems , ESR - by his owner and acoustical consultant Zainea Liviu designed &  patented the ROUNDFFUSOR1.

  Now, it is the industry first and, from far  away, the most efficient diffuser. The Roundffusor1 scatters incident sound uniformly, so that the acoustic glare in all directions is minimized.

The Roundffusor1, a lightweight, thermoformed complex hard plastic device, gathered the knowledge and surpassed all previous industrial diffusers and is ready to be installed in any speech, critical listening or performance facility.

  His self adjusting  low and very low frequency absorption is unique on the market.

The Roundffusor1 brings this new technology to the widest audience, because of its low price, easy of installation.

 It's unique shape adds the visual interest of a decorative acoustic sculpture in your music dedicated room. 






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