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Using our Roundffusor1 any audio system tends to High End quality and... Of course, a real High End system is becoming a Hyper High End system and...

A real hyper high end system -  which are few around the world ?



What we obtained is very near to perfection, a delightful musical perfection

 easily  perceived by the cultivated people - aurally and mentally

When and How does the grouped R1 work ? Why is so important to know ?




The sound quality that you may perceive in any room from a sound installation is more or less 60% (worst case scenario) to 40% (best case scenario) Real Room Acoustics and 40% to 60% Sound System dependent.

 It is the art of putting together the finest available electronics

in a near perfect Roundffusor1's environment.









































Company address : Mr. Zainea Liviu Nikolae / ESR,  14 Peresiadou street, TK11141 Athens, Greece    

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