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When and How does the grouped R1 work ? Why is so important to know ?

Materials, finishes and ... R1's fine art

The Roundffusor1 (R1) is produced from a 5 mm massif polystyrene plastic.

Flammability rating: Standard ISO UL94/HB - 1,6 mm.

The R1 is delivered in some basic / standard colors: white, beige, Bordeaux or the basic colors and in the 0.2 mm ''velvet'' like coverings, here the very first Bordeaux one. 

With the R1-Velvet, you don't need any carpet on the floor and  all sibilant traces in your music or from the loudspeakers will be subtly attenuated.

This solution is ideal for any horn type loudspeakers ! It reduces the known horn's known directivity and allows an almost ''not seeing'' from where the sound is radiated, making homogenous the overall sound field. The ''realistic'' sound stage is ...realistically there.

The Roundffusor1 may be painted on request, in order to be integrated aesthetically with your desired or existing decoration.






R1 - more than a material


Finally, after some architectural research , this are the first R1's samples of industrial painting

In case you change room's decoration then, in a matter of hours you can have R1 painted accordingly

What about home cinema or 5/1-7/1 surround systems?

Forget sophisticated room's geometry and heavy fabrics . Be...R1 !

Simple, efficient, economically wise and have a natural sound environment...


Ideas of artistically hand painted Roundffusor1








Here above, a 4x3 R1's area having a velvet like treated surface.

This is the ideal solution for any horn type loudspeakers !



( Who said that the Roundffusors are made from plastic ? )



World's first Dali painted upon 24 units Roundffusor1, the surface being 3,6 x 2,4 meters, mounted on the ceiling. Hand painted by the professional painter Babis Velonides. A painter presentation is here.



Roundffusor1 - naturally melodious

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